Our Team

Kym Lawson – Occupational TherapistProfilePicKym is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience working with people with disabilities of all ages (0-70+ years) and all levels of support need.   She graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (hons) in 1997 and since then has worked in government, non-government, University-sector and in private practice as an Occupational Therapist, Behaviour Support Team Clinician and in various management roles.  Kym is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia and the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID).

Kym is dedicated to working with young people and adults with a disabilities to ensure they can achieve the goals that they want to in life.  She enjoys working with individuals to help them learn new skills, find practical solutions to barriers they may come across, and help them achieve success with their chosen goals no matter how big or small.  She also enjoys supporting those around the individual (family, school, support workers etc.) so that they have the skills to help the person continue to grow and develop.

Tim Connolly – Behaviour Consultant (Contractor to DDTS)SONY DSC

Tim has worked with people with disabilities in direct support, management and clinical roles for over a dozen years.  He has extensive experience working within a Positive Behaviour Support framework, having held roles in specialist behaviour support and broader clinical teams in both government and non-government sectors.

Tim utilises a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach in facilitating appropriate responses for people with a disability who have complex support needs and use behaviours that cause harm or are seen as challenging.  His aim is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by helping them learn new skills, while developing and refining their support structures, settings and strategies.  He has extensive experience in assessment of people subject to the use of restrictive practices in accordance with the Disability Services Act – QLD (2006).

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Diplomas in Management and in Community Service Coordination, as well as Certificate IVs in Disability Work and in Training and Education.  His formal training in PBS includes completion of the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis’ longitudinal training program – Assessment and Analysis of Severe and Challenging Behaviour, under the direction of Dr Gary LaVigna; as well as the QLD Centre of Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Positive Behaviours Support’s training courses in writing and evaluating the quality of PBS plans.  He is registered with the Australian Council for Education and Research (ACER) to use specialist tests in behaviour support and is able to draw on a wide range of tools to conduct assessments, prepare reports and write Positive Behaviour Support Plans.

Jaclyn Bodt – Psychologist (Contractor to DDTS)


Jaclyn is a psychologist with 9 years experience working with adults and children with a disability both within the government sector and in private practice. Jaclyn holds general registration as a psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society and is a member of the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID).

Jaclyn utilises a person-centred approach and positive behaviour support framework to help improve the quality of life for young people and adults who exhibit challenging behaviour. Jaclyn works with the person, their family and their support network to develop positive behaviour support plans that focus on environmental strategies and skill building strategies to reduce challenging behaviours and reduce the use of restrictive practices (when applicable).

Jaclyn also has experience in providing therapeutic support to adults and children who have a disability. Jaclyn uses evidence based therapeutic approaches to help clients with mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Jaclyn also provides therapeutic support to develop skills in a variety of areas, such as social skills and emotional regulation. Jaclyn adapts therapeutic approaches as necessary to match the person’s communication skills and where appropriate provides strategies for support networks to help the person practice strategies.

Madonna Nielsen – Behaviour Consultant (Contractor to DDTS)


Madonna has worked in a variety of educational and disability services over the past 28 years. Experiences in Government Agencies, Community Organisations and Schools have provided Madonna with an insight into the current and shifting trends, policies and practices in the Disability, Aged Care and Education sectors.  She has acquired a thorough knowledge of the legislative requirements and trends with the NDIS and National Safeguards Commission, including restrictive practices.

In these roles as Madonna has gained significant experience in the provision of services for people who have a disability, complex support needs and display challenging behaviours. As a teacher and accredited facilitator of the Group Stepping Stones Triple P Program for parents of children who have a disability, she has been able to deliver training and workshops effectively adapting her approach to meet the varied and changing needs of individuals.

In her roles, she has established collaborative and supportive relationships with people and their families / carers and other significant stakeholders. She has been able to facilitate planning for services that are responsive to the needs of the individual; which have a person-centred approach and provide inclusive opportunities for people with a disability to lead a quality life.  Her work is underpinned with the values of life long learning and self-development.

Madonna has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Leisure Management, Adaptive Recreation and Community Development and a Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching. Madonna has acquired extensive training in Positive Behaviour Support. This includes completing the Registered Behaviour Technician Course (Institute for Behavioural Training), Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Intervention (Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support), Functional Assessment (Institute for Behavioural Training) and Evaluating the Quality of PBSPs using the BSPQE-II (Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support).